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With a mission to enable, edible and healthy diet from within the country, RS Prabakar (Founder, Taiyo Group) established the first ever fish feed manufacturing and exporting unit in India. The ISO certified Taiyo Feed Mill Pvt Ltd is an esteemed and acclaimed industry since 2002 is running successfully with a humble and renowned approach. We have created outstanding product line with feeds for fish, birds, dogs, turtles, cats and more. We are enveloped with our ethics, and have been producing, supplying, exporting high quality feeds for pets. Our customer satisfactions demand about our reputation and the trust earned in the decades. We don’t believe in reciprocating others; we believe in providing ingenious products with innovative concepts. Our products are infused with indigenous ingredients for the health and wealth of every pet.

Petsnpets.com is wholly owned subsidiary of Taiyo Group of companies.

Our products are globally distributed to twenty countries and all across india through our distribution network.


Our vision is to become the global leader in manufacturing high quality pet foods. We envision expanding to all international markets, making Taiyo the most trusted and Sought after brand for pet food and products.


Established in 2002, From a humble beginning, Taiyo has established itself as an industry leader. Taiyo Feed Mill Pvt Ltd is ISO certified manufacturer and exporter of Animal feed. With a number of accolades and industrial recognition. Taiyo has been able to post a steady growth and create outstanding Product line. Taiyo Feed Mill currently produces fish feed, bird feeds, small animal feed dogs & cat feed.

  • Focus on the quality
  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Trust and Value Based System.
  • Innovative Practice.
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