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Billi Cat Feather Tumbler Toys. MRP:
Sale Price: 899
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Billi Dog Water Bottle

Sale Price: 899

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Brands: Billi
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  • 🎅❆【3-IN-1 Combination Dog Water Cup】 The dog water cup is an upgraded designed cup. It is composed of water cup, food storage cup, and a shovel. In addition, it comes with a convenience bag as a gift. It helps your dog drink water easily and you can feed food anytime, anywhere. You can clean the dog’s excrement with the shovel and put it in the attached convenience bag.
  • 🎅❆【Water Recycling Feature】 The dog water cup has a built-in button for controlling the water. Press the button, the water in the cup will flow into the sink for feeding the dog; pressing the water button again will easily recycle the unused water back into the cup. It is easy to disassemble and clean, which can be disassembled into small parts for cleaning, and is resistant to high temperature and corrosion.
  • 🎅❆【Anti-leakage & Locking Design】 The dog water cup has a silicone sealing ring and a locking design, which could prevent water leakage and avoid getting wet or wasting water. Make sure to tighten the lid tightly, and you will never worry about getting your clothes or your bag wet. Easy to operate and use, you can press a button to get water with one hand. And there is a rope for you to carry or hang on the bag.
  • 🎅❆【Large Capacity Multi-storage Cup】 This dog water cup is designed with a storage capacity of 300ML to meet your dog’s daily drinking, which can meet the drinking habits and needs of most dog breeds. This dog water cup has a 100ML food storage capacity, which is enough for you to carry your dog for outdoors, camping, hiking and short trips without being hungry. It is suitable for large dogs and long-term outdoor activities.
  • 🎅❆【Harmless & Durable Material】 The cup is made of harmless and reliable food-grade plastic material, which not only can withstand high temperature, but also resist corrosion, ensuring the safety of drinking water for your dogs. With our water cup, your dog can drink water and eat food anytime, anywhere, without drinking contaminated water and enduring hunger

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