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Oase FiltoSmart External Filter MRP: 6,80012,400

Oase BioMaster External Filter

MRP: 19,60032,800

  • 250 250
  • 350 350
  • 600 600
  • 850 850
Brands: Oase
SKU 42733
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External Filters

Aquarium filters in general help generate flow, absorb substances that causes turbidity, and enrich the water with oxygen. Beneficial bacteria that settles within the unit’s filter media help to break down and remove waste from aquarium inhabitants. External filters typically have different types of filter media in several layers throughout the filter unit. These filters operate outside of the aquarium and can be conveniently stored in a cabinet under the aquarium, making them easily accessible for maintenance. The most popular types of external filters are canister filters and “hang-on” filters.

OASE’s BioMaster and FiltoSmart canister filter series are characterized by high filter performances and long service lives. The filters’ EasyClean features and advanced designs are perfect for maintaining a clean and healthy ecosystem for your fish and plants. OASE’s Thermo line of BioMaster and FiltoSmart filters have the added feature of an integrated heater. By integrating the heater into the filter the amount of additional equipment seen in the aquarium is reduced.

TIP! The basis for the selection of an aquarium filter is the size of the aquarium, measured by the amount of water. In general, it is better to choose an oversized filter system than a small one.

TIP! Be patient… 
Important microorganisms that biologically clean the water settle on the filter foams in your aquarium filter. These microorganisms feed on minute particles that we perceive as debris – a new or recently cleaned filter only attains its full performance capacity gradually; the microbiology must first establish itself.


The BioMaster line of premium external filters boasts 4-stage filtration and is designed with sealed filtration pathways to ensure water travels the most efficient path through all filter media – creating optimal water quality and clarity.

BioMaster / BioMaster Thermo
250 350 600 850
Suitable for aquariums up to, max. 70 gal 90 gal 160 gal 250 gal


Dimensions (mm) 240x240x370 240x240x425 240x240x480 240x240x560
Rated voltage 120V / 60 Hz 120V / 60 Hz 120V / 60 Hz 120V / 60 Hz
Power consumption Filter 15 Watts 16 Watts 23 Watts 25 Watts
Rated voltage 900 l/h 1100 l/h 1250 l/h 1250 l/h

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