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PETSLIFE Hand Feeding Formula Low Fat MRP: 320639
B Complex
Petslife B Complex Supplement for Birds 50ml MRP:
Sale Price: 170

PETSLIFE Bird Ball Toys with Rattler Pack of 4

Sale Price: 240

  • PLASTIC BALL – This durable plastic ball is great for birds and general playing. You can roll it and toss it all around for some fun amusement.
  • EXCITING SOUNDS – The plastic ball has another ball inside of it, and it will make rattling sounds when played with. This will excite your pet and encourage more playing.
  • FOOT TOY – Leave the ball in your bird cage so that your feathered friend can use it as a foot toy. This is a great way for a bird to work its talons.
  • USE FOR FORAGING – Hide treats and other surprises in the plastic ball for your bird to search for. Birds love to forage, and it keeps them healthy.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – The tough, durable plastic can be quickly washed if dirty. This helps to ensure long-lasting fun for you and your bird.

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Round Rolling Rattler Ball.

  • The bright colors will entice your bird to come and play.
  • Foot toys for cage birds improve balance and coordination.
  • Varied shapes for your bird to grasp and manipulate.
  • Fulfills the need of fun stimulating foot toys!

The round rolling rattler ball is a classic bird foot toy. This ball has many small round holes drilled all over it. The ball will roll in a straight line with a slight wobble to it. The small holes provide interesting places on the ball for your pet to investigate, while also allowing a pleasing rattle sound to be heard.

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