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Calcium For Birds 450

Premium Egg Food Supplement

Product Code : 30-4506

Net. Wt : 1kg

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Brands: Petslife
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Petslife Extra Vital Pro Health Egg Food Supplement is readily consumed by all birds. Containing real egg, it has the highest content of any major commercial egg food. Egg Food is rich in natural and supplemented nutrients necessary for excellent growth, enhanced breeding and better feather condition at molting.

The egg is natured highest quality protein, Egg Food can serve as an everyday supplement and an ideal daily supplement, during molting, as a breeding supplement, and for raising young. DHA Omega-3 is added for improved growth and development. For frequent breeders, provide at all times during the year and while feeding young. Sudden changes in diet should be avoided.

Feeding Instruction:

Begin feeding Egg Food 7-30 days prior to breeding and nesting. DRY: Feed one to two tablespoons (depending on the size of your bird) in a separate dish or sprinkle directly on their daily diet. MOISTENED: Add 1 part water to 1 part dry Egg food, adjust to desired consistency. Provide twice daily if babies are being fed. Do not moisten more than what is needed for a single feeding (4-6 hours). Remove & discard unused portion daily.

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