Fun Facts about Oscar Fish

The logical name of Oscar Fish is Astronotus OcellatusOscar fish becomes pretty quick and enormousOscar Fish have teethOscar Fish is one of the savviest fishIt is truly challenging to separate among male and female Oscar fishOscar Fish isn’t not difficult to keepOscar Fish can leap out of the tankOscar Fish…

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Fun Facts about Guppy Fish

With the guppy fish being available in pretty much every landmass and a profoundly well known animal groups for logical investigations and home aquariums, there is no deficiency of fun realities to find out about the species. The Great Mosquito ColonizerYou might think about how the guppy – a moderately…

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Facts about Goldfish

Goldfish possess brainpower.Goldfish eyes can distinguish bright and infrared lights.Goldfish have no eyelids.Goldfish taste on their lips.Goldfish have no tongues.Goldfish teeth are toward the rear of their throats.Goldfish have no stomachs.Goldfish scales let you know the age of the goldfish.Goldfish get their variety from the sun.Some goldfish can be pale…

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How to Tell How Old a Betta Fish Is

Check your betta’s size. Normal adult bettas are usually around 3 inches (7.6 cm) in length. Hold a measuring tape up to your fish’s tank and see how long it is. If your betta is less than the average, your betta is most likely a juvenile. Check your betta’s fins.…

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Top 10 Aquarium fish for Beginners

Hai, who doesn’t like to have their own nemo? Do you know how these little beautiful creatures made the supreme power is a blessing in disguise in many ways? They are the most lovable species which also keeps the flora and fauna alive and bright. They provide a great value…

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Fish Keepers – Never do these!

Fish keeping is an exquisite art and it requires some attention from fish keepers to provide them a healthy environment and to make fishes sustain peacefully. We provide you a list of “Don’ts” that will ensure their healthy living. Fish Keepers – Never do these! Don’t use any cleaning agent:…

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