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Choosing the right fish food is a fundamental aspect of responsible fishkeeping. By understanding your fish's dietary needs and providing a well-balanced diet, you contribute to their longevity, vibrancy, and overall happiness in their aquatic environment. Regular observation, water testing, and adjustments to their diet will keep your underwater friends flourishing.


Fun Facts about Oscar Fish
The logical name of Oscar Fish is Astronotus Ocellatus Oscar fish becomes pretty quick and enormous Oscar Fish have teeth Oscar Fish is one of the savviest fish It is…
Fun Facts about Guppy Fish
With the guppy fish being available in pretty much every landmass and a profoundly well known animal groups for logical investigations and home aquariums, there is no deficiency of fun…
Facts about Goldfish
Goldfish possess brainpower. Goldfish eyes can distinguish bright and infrared lights. Goldfish have no eyelids. Goldfish taste on their lips. Goldfish have no tongues. Goldfish teeth are toward the rear…

Taiyo Feed Mill Pvt Ltd shines as a beacon of excellence in the pet food industry, with unwavering commitment to ethics, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we’re honoured to be your trusted partner in pet care nationwide. Our journey is fuelled by our deep passion for pets and dedication to their well-being.

Manufacturing Unit

 No. 92, Periyapalayam Road, Thanakulam, Uthukkottai, Tiruvallur District – 601102, Tamil Nadu. India.

Corporate Office

 No. 17A, South Mada Street, Kolathur, Chennai – 600 099. Tamil Nadu. India.

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