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Healthy food to a little soul is a healthy living

Our love for those little tiny-mini creatures with sparkling eyes, wiggly tails, and soft fins never ends. Our emotions get connected when the grow along with us every day, so to keep them alive and healthy we need to give the right amount of multi vitamins to rise and shine throw that innocent smile every day.

For a Fish to be healthy and to lead a long life, their food should contain all the essential nutrients. Most often, this is underrated and enough attention is not given into these aspects. Let us get in detail of understanding your pet’s essentials.

Just like us, even Fishes are categorized into Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores.  Depending on the category that they belong to, their nutrient requirement also varies. So our Primary goal is to feed them with the right kind of food for the fish.

Ideally a healthy food for fish should contain Protein, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals and Fats.

Proteins: Proteins are the major ingredient to build a body and its immunity. Whether it is for humans or for animals it is the building block of a food intake. They are the most expensive component in fish food. Herbivores need 15-30% of proteins; Carnivores need a minimum of 45% of proteins; Young fishes would need even more than 50% of proteins in their regular diet.

Carbohydrates: The prime usage of Carbohydrates in fish food is to bind all the required nutrients together in the form of starch and to hold it without getting dissolved in water until the fish feeds on it. Level of Carbohydrate for young fishes should be as low as possible. However Adult fishes can tolerate up to 40% with no side effects but 25% is ideally better.

Vitamins: Vitamins are the tricky elements in the fish food. Some vitamins have a shelf life, so few other stable/ stabilized vitamins are replaced, enhanced with valuable indigenous minerals, in order to maintain and influence their nutrient value.  Also, for the food to be on par with the essential nutritive need of the fish, we at TAIYO ensure to give a valuable vitamin filled resource to consumption.

Minerals: Minerals are the essential component that aids in having a proper immunity system, healthy teeth, bones, cells and scales and for a fish which survives in water with enough minerals it plays a natural resource to build the same.

Fats: Fish food should have low percentage of fat. It should be 8-10% for Carnivores and 3-5% for Herbivores fish. It is mandatory that the healthy fish food contains the much needed Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Food is heart to your soul and feeding the right food, is extremely important for your pet fish and Taiyo makes that job easy for you. We analyse and consider every single aspect of the goodness, while preparing the food for your little pet. Feed your fish with the good, nutritious diet and high-quality ingredients infused in the fish food. We are happy to be the reason to witness the healthy fish.

Taiyo Feed Mill Pvt Ltd shines as a beacon of excellence in the pet food industry, with unwavering commitment to ethics, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we’re honoured to be your trusted partner in pet care nationwide. Our journey is fuelled by our deep passion for pets and dedication to their well-being.

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