Healthy Food Choice for Turtles

Diet is the most important aspect for maintaining the health of a long living reptile the “turtle”. Providing a perfectly balanced diet for Turtles is a no joke, it takes a lot of analysis to decide upon it. Turtles with 300 different species are a diverse group of reptiles, with its own choice of food. They also belong to Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores families. What turtles eat depends on their jawline, that particular species adores in its feature. Jawline lets us predict how they can chew their food and what would be their nutritive requirement for their healthy long life.

Young baby turtle requires a high percentage of protein in their diet, because as they grow old, their requirement of protein gets reduced.

Vitamin A and Vitamin D3, are two essential vitamins that turtles mandatorily need. Adding to this, Calcium plays an inevitable role as they help in forming the hard shells that are similar to our bones.

Fats as concerned is a value addition to every living species, it is important to have a considerable amount for movement and lubrication of the bones. The right quantity of proteins, vitamins, calcium and fats may be missed in real food and hence supplements are the saviours to meet their demand and ensure their healthy living.

For Pet turtles, a mix of food should be made up to suffice their nutritive balance and here goes the composition:

  • 30% of high quality turtle food is recommended. (Taiyo turtle foods are an excellent choice of it.)
  • 40% of insects or live foods like locusts and crickets (if they are Carnivores/Omnivores).
  • 30% made up of leafy greens and vegetables (if they are Herbivores/Omnivores).

High Quality turtle food is extremely important to assure that they are getting their entire nutrition and are given the right amount of intake. Considering their classification of species, and age in mind, Taiyo offers Turtle food as micro pellets or Sticks with the highly required and nutritive spirulina added to it. Also, the food differs for baby turtles and Adult turtles, stay tuned with our website and you can go for the ready to eat healthy meal for your adorable pets.

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