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Top 10 Aquarium fish for Beginners

Do you know how these little beautiful creatures made the supreme power is a blessing in disguise in many ways? They are the most lovable species which also keeps the flora and fauna alive and bright. They provide a great value addition to the global warming too. Our ecosystem completely relies upon them and their generations and evolutions further. To debrief you about a few species that we have also cherished along have a sneak peek.

Hey, with the wide variety of aquarium fishes available across the globe, it is definitely a little overwhelming for a beginner to choose a few. So, to make it simpler for you, here is the list of Top 10 aquarium fish varieties and you can choose yours and those fishes will ease your everyday life with their innocence.

Hai, who doesn’t like to have their own nemo?

Most of the varieties listed below are easy to be taken care of and also look so vibrant and colourful that keeps the ambience attractive, rejuvenating and replenishing to look at. Scientifically it is also proven that having freshwater fish has got several health benefits and emotional balance to life.

  1. Neon Tetra: Neon Tetras are tiny first fish that everyone would love to buy. They grow up to 2.2 centimetres in length and mostly stay in groups. They look lively in bright colours and have blue strips in the body. They need soft, acidic water and warm temperature.
  2. Guppies: Guppies are so popular because of their adaptability to various water conditions. They look so colourful and vibrant. They are supposed to be kept in a group of threes with one gallon per guppy. Though they are adaptable to water conditions, it is important to maintain a consistent temperature throughout.
  3. Oscar: Oscars are known as one of the intelligent species. They can also be trained. But they can be kept only with their own species and is not a community fish. They can also grow large in a short span of time. They enjoy when they are kept in a group of 5+ but it should be right from their young age.
  4. Mollies: Mollies are tiny fishes that grow up to 3-4 inches and get adapted to different water conditions as well. They require a tank of 20 gallons and warm and neutral water. They are kept in groups and breed very easily too. So in case, you don’t want to breed, it is advisable to stick on to group of single sex.
  5. Zebra Danios: This tiny little one is easy to be taken care of and grows up to 5-7centimetres. This is a non-fussy eater and readily accepts any food you give, however it is important to maintain a good quality fish food for it to be healthy. Danios are active and tend to jump and hence it is better to keep the tank closed.
  6. Platies: Platies are a variety that you can see in every colour you think of. They are super active fishes and love being in groups. They are also a community fish that stays happy with Mollies and Guppies. So to add varieties to your tank, this would be the suitable option.
  7. Pearl Gourami: Pearl Gourami is a kind of large fish but certainly a peaceful one to have as a pet. They require a huge 30 gallon tank with a lot of room for hiding and low lighting is recommended. They can also be grouped with other fishes but it is better to keep them away from aggressive fishes.
  8. Betta: Bettas are vibrantly coloured and looks different that other fishes. They require large tanks and can grow up to 3 inches. They go well with other peaceful fishes but can get extremely aggressive with another Male Betta fish. So it is advisable to keep only one Male Betta in each aquarium.
  9. Swordtails: Sword tails as the name says it has a sword shaped fin extended below. They are colourful, lively and enjoy being in groups with a free space to move around. They do breed easily, so it’s important to keep a note of it.
  10. Gold Fish: Gold Fishes are attractive and that becomes an easy choice for aquarists to buy. Most might not know that they can grow up to 14 inches in the Sea. So a minimum of 20 gallons tank is required. There are varieties of gold fish and it is recommended that different varieties are not put together as they may fight for its food.

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